Ever wonder why diets and exercise don’t work as they should? Our bodies are extremely efficient mechanisms that are programmed to use simple carbs and sugars as energy. Fat reserves are tapped for energy only as a last resort. This is why we are slow to lose weight. Using the latest technology, the Esthéti Slim Programme will help your body to burn FAT as FUEL. With the use of the latest technology, hard stored fat is broken down and dislodged from problem areas such as tummy, arms and thighs. This fat is then converted into liquid fat which is easily used up by the body as energy.

SOTHYS CUSTOMISED SLIMMING RITUAL Did you know that there are 3 different types of cellulite? And every woman / man needs a targeted solution tailor made to her/ his type of body. With this in mind, Sothys introduces a comprehensive slimming treatment that includes a scrub, toning peel off wrap and massage.

Esthéti SLIM A stimulating treatment used to break down “hard fat”. Two treatments must be carried out each week for 6 weeks.

TRIPOLLAR The programme uses radio waves to tone and firm the body, leaving you with the figure you’ve always dreamt of! This amazing treatment heats the deeper layers of the skin in which fat is stored and gently melts it away. The liquid fat is then drained through the body's Lymphatic system and is either converted into energy or passed out through urine. This treatment also stimulates the body's natural Collagen and Elastin fibres, which in turn leaves the skin toned and smooth. This is an ideal treatment for post pregnancy or liposuction.