Radiance and skin Brightening

C-Tox Institute Treatment Free radical (toxins) build up in the skin is the primary cause of skin ageing and lack of luminosity. Vitamin C; a potent free radical scavenger helps the skin to rid itself of toxins while leaving it bright and beautiful. The treatment also contains Glycolic acid for rejuvenation + Blackberry and Grape for an added boost of radiance.

Energizing Institute Treatment Whatever the age, skin cells need energy. Without energy, the skin loses it radiance. The signs of ageing become more visible. Siberian Ginseng; a plant with miraculous active ingredients has the ability to recharge the cells to bring back the glow of youthful skin.

SOTHYS SEASONAL AROMA THERAPY FACIAL This delicious combination of fruit extracts will leave your skin begging for more. Soft aromas will relax your senses leaving you rejuvenated and pampered.

SKIN RESURFACING PEELING PROFESSIONAL CARE For new skin in just 90 min! A medically inspired treatment combining gentle microdermabrasion and Glycolic Acid to stimulate the formation of new healthy skin. Ideal for open pores, dull and discolored skin and oily impure skin.

W Brightening Institute Treatment A complete programme for a double action, global Brightning effect and dark spot correction. Proven results for a uniform complexion, translucent and luminous.