Apr 09, 2018

How to prepare your skin before the wedding

With a wedding on the horizon; a radiant skin would definitely be at the top of any bride or grooms wish lists. Given our local climate, pollution and genetic disposition many Sri Lankans suffer from dull discolored or blemished skin. Let’s look some of the best treatment options in the market.

At home

Cleansing is the most important first step towards healthy skin. There are specific cleansers that give the skin an instant brightening effect. Ideally choose cleansers containing Enzymes or mild Glycolic Acids to get rid of dull dead skin on a daily basis like the Sothys W+ Brightening Cleanser.

Choose products containing Vitamin C for a beautiful glow. For best results choose Vitamin C serums that are encapsulated in lyposomes or manufactured using nano-technology to ensure deep and long lasting effects. The Sesderma C-Vit Lyposomal Serum would be ideal for this.

For sun damaged and pigmented skin, products containing Azelac Acid (like the Sesderma Azelac Lyposomes and Azelac Moisturizing Gel), Kojic Acid (Sesderma Kojic Plus Skin Lightener) and Retinol (Sesderma Retises Nano Gel) works wonders. These ingredients also work well on acne marks and scars. The Azelac Acid and Kojic Acid acts as a depigmentors while the Retinol speeds up the cell cycle, revealing new unblemished skin.

Dull skin can also be attributed to a build up of free radicals or toxins. Adding on a detoxifying serum to your skin care routine will not only make your skin radiant but will also work towards prolonging skin ageing. Recommend the Sothys Detoxifying Youth Serum or Sothys Oxygenating Ampoules.

As majority of skin damage and discoloration is caused by UV exposure, make sure to wear a sunblock regularly (Sothys W+ Sunblock 50 SPF or Sesderma Screenses Tinted Sunblock).

Professional treatments

There are many brightening treatments available in the market today but make sure you choose reputed brands that are known for its safety, quality and long lasting results.


Facials today have come a long way from just nice smelling creams and a massage. Ideally choose facials that contain Fruit Acids like the (Sothys Seasonal Facial) or Glycolic Acid (like the Sothys Youth Intensive/C-Tox Treatment) which visibly brightens the skin and tightens the pores. It also works well on skin prone to blemishes. Effective brightening facials also contain a good dose of Vitamin C.


For skin conditions such as uneven skin tone, pigmentation or marks, chemical peels work wonders. Make sure the peels you choose are branded and suitable for Asian skin types. Although most people are nervous about peels they are extremely effective and safe if used correctly. The Sesderma peels or Sothys Glysalac Pro Peel fits the criteria.

Skin polishing

Also known as microdermabrasion or diamond peeling; this technique gently buffs away layers of dead skin. Marks are immediately lighter and skin texture visibly smoother. But microdermabrasion on its own is not very effective. Optionally lookout for treatments such as Oxygen facials or Hydra Beauty facials which have other add ons apart from the diamond peeling. These treatments are also available at Estheti Centre.