Apr 10, 2018 Vitamin c for Skin Care

If you’ve shopped in the skincare aisle lately or flipped through the pages of a beauty magazine you will notice the hype on products containing Vitamin C. There are only a select few ingredients that can treat multiple skincare concerns and Vitamin C is one such example!

Apr 10, 2018 The latest technology – Body Contouring for your problem zones

There have been many articles written weight loss but what about those of us who are looking for body contouring? Research has shown that many women and men alike would be happy with their body if they could just get rid of their problem zones. For example you may like to have slimmer arms or thighs; maybe you wish that you could just get rid of that post pregnancy belly or your double chin. So lets look at the latest, safest and most effective treatments available for spot reduction.

Apr 09, 2018 How to prepare your skin before the wedding

With a wedding on the horizon; a radiant skin would definitely be at the top of any bride or grooms wish lists. Given our local climate, pollution and genetic disposition many Sri Lankans suffer from dull discolored or blemished skin. Let’s look some of the best treatment options in the market.